Labour & Birthing Doulas Services


  • One FREE consultation in-person or via Zoom to meet, ask and answer questions, get to know each other and if desired, review the doula contract
  • Two prenatal in-home or virtual appointments beginning at 34 weeks
  • Assistance planning and writing your birth plan
  • Unlimited access via phone, email, or texting for any questions, encouragement or support needed
  • Phone, text, or email check-in’s beginning in the 3rd trimester
  • At home labor support prior to moving to your birthing location
  • On-call availability starting at 38 weeks
  • Unlimited/continuous virtual support once you arrive at your birth place if your locations does NOT accept doulas
  • Continuous in-person support if your birth plan IS accepting doulas, whether at home, birthing center or hospital
  • Remain with parents for 1 to 2 hours after baby arrives or until parents are ready to spend some family alone time
  • General newborn care tips
  • General breastfeeding assistance
  • Two postpartum visits – one visit 1 to 5 days after delivery to discuss your birth, answer any questions, help with light housework, help with light general newborn care, breastfeeding support and more – and one visit 10 to 15 days after delivery.
  • Assistance finding a pediatrician to fit your family needs
  • Resources and assistance in finding lactation support, pelvic floor therapist, chiropractor, placenta services, and much more!