The Bradley Method Classes®

A 12 week class series to fully prepare mom and her partner to have the birth they desire by focusing on helping the birthing mother understand how her body works during labor and delivery, and equipping her birthing partner, or coach, with the tools and evidence based information needed to help support her along the journey.

Doula Services

I offer labor and birthing doula services to help support and encourage the laboring mother during one of the most amazing experiences she’ll ever go through. Supporting her through her birth plan and giving her evidence based information along the way to help her make the best decision for her and her family. I also offer postpartum support to help your new family settle in by doing light housekeeping, picking up groceries, caring for the baby while you take a nap and teaching basic newborn care.

Private Classes

Choose from a 4 week class course, 6 week class course, or a one day 8 hour Power Birth class.

What Parents Say

What Parents Say

Why should I hire a doula?

First let me start with what a doula is exactly and then explain the value a doula can bring to your labor and delivery journey.

  • First let me start with what a doula is exactly and then explain the value a doula can bring to your labor and delivery journey.              A birth doula is a professional, non-judgmental birth supporter that encourages and supports the birthing mother and/or the partner. ......

  • Since we felt so blessed to have two little ones we once again thought there was no way we could have another.  We had prayed for another baby since our miscarriage and we were certain God was just blessing us with two.  It was February......

  • Since it took us so long to have one baby we figured we couldn’t have another so we took no precautions in preventing additional babies.  It was February 2016 and a blizzard had just hit our city hard.  We were outside shoveling snow when my......

  • Each story however starts with the fact that my husband and I tried for years to conceive and after two years of trying we finally saw that positive on the pregnancy test and had it confirmed with the doctor.  We shouted from the rooftops to......

Why did you choose this course?

Why did you choose this course?

About Us

Rhonda Greenfield

Hi, my name is Rhonda Greenfield and I’m a wife to my amazing husband of 17 wonderful years and a mother of four beautiful children ages 8, 6, 4 and one who left us before we could meet. I love a well organized, clutter free house which is hard to come by with three little ones, but we are working on it. I spend most of my days as a stay at home mom and homeschooling teacher. If you were to stop in and say hello you would most likely find me in the kitchen preparing lunch, dinner or the 20th snack of the day. On our off days together as a family we have recently been enjoying short overnight camping trips for what seems like the sole purpose of roasting marshmallows and veggie dogs and staying up late to see the stars. My life couldn’t be further from what I imagined it would be when I was a teenager, no it’s much, much better! In my years prior to childbirth education I thought my career path was administration or most likely hotel management, I would never have dreamed it would be helping parents bring their babies into this world!


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Birthing Centers VS Hospital VS Homebirth

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Why should I hire a doula?

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