Bmore Birthing Childbirth Classes

What are Bmore Birthing Classes:

I have been offering childbirth classes, unassociated with The Bradley Method®, for several years now.  I understand not all parents have the time to commit to 12 weeks of classes so I have created a customizable curriculum of 4, 6 and 8 week courses as well as a one day Power Birth class to help parents have the birth they desire.  If a private class is desired I will tailor a course of your choosing to fit your needs, no two private classes are the same.

Class options include, but are not limited to;  relaxation methods, comfort measures, labor progression and what to expect, pushing positions, newborn care, postpartum care, breastfeeding and more!  These classes can be customized to your specific birthing location to include specifics about how to have the labor and delivery you desire at the location you will be.


Be on the lookout for specials for group classes throughout the year at a fraction of the cost of private classes!

Bmore Birthing 4, 6 and 8 week classes meet once a week on a day and time agreed upon when you register for classes.  The one day Power Birth class meets on Saturday from 10am to 4:30pm with a 30 minute lunch break.

Bmore Birthing 4 week class

In my 4 week class you will learn things like hands on labor comfort techniques, the different stages of labor and what to expect with each stage, as well as cues and clues your partner can recognize to help determine what stage of labor you are in.  We will practice relaxation techniques and delivery positions and learn about informed consent and about the many options and choices you have for your labor and delivery, or we can work together to build the best class options for you and your birthing location.

Bmore Birthing 6 week class

In the 6 week class we will learn everything offered in the 4 week class with the addition of postpartum care and tips on a successful breastfeeding journey, or we can work together to build the best class options for you and your birthing location.

Bmore Birthing 8 week class

In the 8 week class you will get everything included in the 4 and 6 week class plus comfort measures during pregnancy, exercises you can do now to help with labor and delivery, nutritional guidance, what to expect at your prenatal appointments, and assistance in creating your birth plan, or we can work together to build the best class options for you and your birthing location.

One day Power Birth Class

The one day Power Birth classes are currently private classes tailored just for your birth.  The class will cover everything from pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum and breastfeeding as well as assistance starting your birth plan.  The class is built around your birth place and your desires of labor and delivery and how to do all you can to make your birth one you will enjoy. Come spend the day with me to learn how to have the labor and delivery meant for you!


Bmore Birthing 4 week class: 

$475 per couple

Bmore Birthing 6 week class:

$525 per couple

Bmore Birthing 8 week class: 

$575 per couple

One day Power Birth Class:

$300 per couple

What’s Included:

Includes a physical and digital workbook, nutritional help for pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum, unlimited makeup classes for all virtual classes, one free makeup class for in-person classes*, a starter kit for your hospital bag/birth-day bag, and 24 hour phone access to me once labor starts for any questions.

*Any additional make-up classes are $50 per class

Please contact me for more information on payment plan options and/or discounts for low income families, military families, students, EMT and more that could be available.