Labor & Birthing Doula Services

I strongly believe in supporting parents to have the labor and birth experience they desire.  I meet with parents prior to the delivery of baby to make sure we are the right fit for each other and to get their idea of the perfect birth and understand how they see me as a part of their birth team and story.  If mom has a partner that will be with her, I never want to step on his/her toes or take their place, I am there for support, reassurance, comfort measures, and making sure everyone gets all the information needed to make the best decisions for their family.  I am there to help relax everyone in the midst of one of the wildest and most rewarding rides they will ever take.

Attending births as a doula is probably one of my favorite parts of what I do.  It is such a precious moment to be present for a couple as they work tirelessly and powerfully to bring their sweet baby into this world and it is one of the most amazing experiences to be allowed to partake in.  I have been known to cry when the parents cry upon seeing their baby for the first time or cry when the mom is told she can finally push after waiting so long to get to that precious point!

What’s included:

  • One FREE consultation in-person or via Zoom to meet, ask and answer questions, get to know each other and if desired, review the doula contract
  • Two prenatal in-home or virtual appointments beginning at 34 weeks for clients NOT taking any of my childbirth education courses
  • One prenatal in-home or virtual appointment beginning at 34 weeks for clients taking any of my childbirth education courses
  • Assistance planning and writing your birth plan
  • Unlimited access via phone, email, or texting for any questions, encouragement or support needed
  • Phone, text, or email check-in’s beginning in the 3rd trimester
  • At home labor support prior to moving to your birthing location
  • On-call availability starting at 38 weeks
  • Unlimited/continuous virtual support once you arrive at your birth place if your locations does NOT accept doulas
  • Continuous in-person support if your birth place IS accepting doulas, whether at home, birthing center or hospital
  • Remain with parents for 1 to 2 hours after baby arrives or until parents are ready to spend some family alone time
  • General newborn care tips
  • General breastfeeding assistance
  • One 2 hour postpartum visit – one visit 1 to 14 days after delivery to discuss your birth, answer any questions, help with light housework, help with light general newborn care, breastfeeding support and more!
  • Assistance finding a pediatrician to fit your family needs
  • Resources and assistance in finding lactation support, pelvic floor therapist, chiropractor, placenta services, and much more!


Labor & Delivery Doula

  • $1,100
  • Save when you bundle BMore Birthing or The Bradley Method® classes with labor & delivery doula services.

Areas/Locations I Service:

I travel up to 45 minutes of Baltimore City limits and serve those delivering in hospitals, birthing centers and home births within these limits.  Exceptions could be possible, please contact me at to discuss details.

For more information please contact me via Facebook messenger or via email at